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About us

„Birdifly provides a solution for quick and easy processing of your breeding informations. Thanks to the app you can find much needed contacts to other breeders around the world. We help to share experiences between beginners and advanced. We reach out to young people and spread awareness of our hobby around the world.“

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We think about your friends too. How else to make a breeder happy than with an original bird-themed gift. Whether it's your birthday, you're looking for a Christmas package or you just want to make yourself happy. You won't go wrong with our t-shirts, colouring books or socks! Your purchase will also support the development of the app and therefore the world's breeding.

PREMIUM account

In addition to our helpful services, we have prepared unbeatable bonuses for you. More pages on your breeding profile, custom profile picture, more photos from your breeding, unlimited number of entries in your administration, highlighted profile with higher priority in search. All this and much more with our PREMIUM account!

Wrote about us


Don't know what to do or need help? Try to find the answer to your question in this section.

Birdifly is a project focusing on exotic bird breeding, mainly on breeding parrots and small exotic birds, but we are also thinking about soft-billed or hornbills and others. We help share experiences among beginners and advanced breeders alike, creating content, to reach all those who are already involved in the hobby or are just starting out and looking for information. The system will be used not only by breeders, but also by show organizers, clubs and organizations, for which we offer a system for managing members, club presentation and for easy processing of the show. We are active on social media, but above all we manage a website that is available in several languages We are active on social media, but above all we manage a website that is available in several languages and where you will find tools to simplify the administration and promotion of your breeding. We are the only ones who combine ancillary tools with content creation. We reach young people with a breeding hobby and want to connect as many breeders as possible in Europe and worldwide. Whether the project develops and meets expectations depends on each of us. The more users use this website, the more helpful it will be and the more experience it will be able to pass on. Get involved now by registering.

We always try to make all the steps and services we offer intuitive. Still, it may happen that you need a manual for your first test. We continuously update it according to current needs. Therefore, if you do not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find the manual by clicking the red question mark on your screens or HERE.

This site offers more features for bird breeders. Some are open to everyone, but only registered users have access to some modules. For example, the module "Shows", where you can submit an application for a show organized in our system and find all the information about the show, is a module to which everyone has access. An example of a module for registered users is the "Breeders Database" and this is for data protection reasons, so that visitors looking for new contacts are registered and checked, and above all registration is necessary to support the development of the idea of this module and to connect as many breeders as possible around the world. After registration we will also add a PREMIUM account for you to try for one whole month free.

After registering and logging in, it is possible to edit your profile to create a convenient place to refer all those who would like to see your breeding stock, and to use the potential of the Birdifly breeder search. As a basis, we recommend to fill in what species you breed, and in case of mutations, to add to your profile what mutations or combinations can be seen in your breeding. You can search for breeders by location, but also by species, which makes it easy to promote your breeding. Two profile tabs are available for the basic account. The tab "About breeding" is mainly for text. You can write everything related to your breeding, sales, etc. However, do not use any derogatory or inappropriate words. In the tab "Photo gallery" you can insert up to 20 photos with captions, which offers a clear and comprehensive presentation of your breeding and success. For owners of PREMIUM accounts, we've expanded the photo gallery to 48 photos, plus added the ability to create up to 3 custom tabs. Do you want to have your achievements or birds for sale listed separately? No problem with this solution. Everything quickly and easily, and above all in the right place, in the breeder's system.

As part of making our service available to everyone and knowing that some wish to remain anonymous, it is possible to contact support to hide your profile. On the other hand, we would be happy if you would participate in connecting breeders worldwide, as hiding your profile will make it impossible to search the breeder database and thus the possibility of being contacted to sell offspring or to establish cooperation is lost.

Birdicoins are coins used on our website to purchase PREMIUM memberships and in the future we plan to allow the purchase of other services or products. Birdicoins can be obtained by purchasing on our e-shop. They can also be earned by completing quizzes and uploading a photo to our photo gallery. We also have competitions for Birdicoins on our social media. Birdicoins will also be available for results at shows you attend under this system.

Although we try to check every part of the site or news several times, it can happen that we miss something. At that point, we would appreciate feedback describing the error you found. You can also report inappropriate content posted by users on their profile or in photo captions, etc. Reporting can be done using the link at the bottom of every page of the site (except the home page)

PREMIUM account is available for trial immediately after registration, for a full month. This gives you plenty of time to try out all the bonuses this account has to offer. The PREMIUM account is discussed in detail HERE. Among the bonuses, we recommend you to try especially the extension of your personal profile with three tabs, which you can name and design as you wish and get more space to promote your breeding.

We are open to any cooperation, both with clubs, organizations, magazine or book publishers or e-shops and retailers. Feel free to contact us at We look forward to cooperation!

There are several options, but the first one we recommend is to register on this website and ideally start subscribing to news from the exotic birds world, so you don't miss anything. We are also active on YouTube kanálu, where we publish interviews with breeders, show reviews and zoo invitations. You can also find us on Facebooku and Instagramu, where we share up-to-date tips for visiting shows or topics important to us as breeders. We will be happy for every sharing between your acquaintances and friends in the community of breeders, so that the project reaches as many breeders as possible.